Printing from Personal Laptops

How to Install PaperCut on a PC

General instructions for installing PaperCut on a pc can be found on the HUIT website.

You can print via PaperCut from the following HCL libraries.

Printers in Lamont Library:
  • HCL-Lamont1-Q1 is located on the first floor next to the café.
  • HCL-LamontB-Q3 is located on Level B across from the Research Services desk.
Printers in Widener Library:
  • HCL-AtkinsRoom-Q is in the Atkins Reading Room on the second floor.
  • HCL-NMRR-Q1 and HCL-NMRR-Q2 are located in the Newspaper Microfilm Reading Room, room 180 on the first floor.
  • HCL-Periodicals-Q is in the Periodicals room, room 150, on the first floor.
  • HCL-PHILLIPSRR-Q is in the Phillips Reading room which is accessed via the stairway in Circulation, Room 160.
Printers in Cabot Library:
  • HCL-Cabot-Library-BW and HCL Cabot-Library-Color are located on the 1st floor.
Printer in Loeb Music Library:
  • HCL-Music-Pub is located on the 1st floor
Printer in Tozzer Library:
  • HCL-Tozzer-Pub is located on the 1st floor
Printer in Harvard Yenching Library:
  • HCL-Yenching-Pub is located on the first floor
Printers in Fine Arts Library:
  • HCL-FAL-Littauer is located on the 1st floor of Littauer building
  • HCL-FAL-Sackler is located on the lower level of the Sackler building

For questions or assistance with the PaperCut software, please call (617) 495-9000, or email

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