New at Lamont Library: Movie Gear

Students can now borrow equipment for their video projects from the Lamont Circulation Desk! Learn more about what's available on the Movie Gear page.

Multimedia Resources & Computers

Multimedia Lab in Lamont

Multimedia Resources

Multimedia Lab in Lamont

The Multimedia Lab in Lamont, located in the east end of the reading room on Level B, features Mac equipment for creating, editing, and publishing a wide variety of multimedia projects.

The Multimedia Lab is available the same hours as Lamont. Staff are on-site to assist users 9am–10pm weekdays, and 10am–10pm on Friday and Saturdays. To make an optional appointment with staff please e-mail

Faculty needing assistance should contact FAS Academic Technology Group at or by calling the HUIT Services Desk at 617-495-9000.

Contact the Media Services staff in Lamont at —617.495.8730.

See Multimedia Lab in Lamont for detailed information.

B-30 Collaborative Learning Space

Collaborative Learning Space

The Collaborative Learning Space located in Lamont room B-30 is open to library users when it is not reserved for library instruction. It offers students a place in the library where they can collaborate on multimedia projects in groups without disturbing others. The room is outfitted with furniture that can be easily rearranged to accommodate a single person, pairs, or a large group. White boards on wheels allow students to brainstorm anywhere in the room.

The room includes:

  • Two screens for projection, each of which can have different content, including options to project from a DVD or VCR player, an object projector as well as from a laptop computer.
  • Wireless connectivity with ample electric outlets for personal laptops.
  • TeamSpot, a web based interface, that allows a group to  project a document onto a 46” plasma screen, and work together. TeamSpot enables students to send documents to each other, edit them on the large display, and “take over” the TV monitor to show others what they are working on. Instructions on how to use TeamSpot are available in the room.

Check the calendar below for availability.

E-mail Media Services in Lamont Library with questions about the room.

Larsen Room

The Larsen Room located in Lamont room 110 is open to library users when it is not reserved for library instruction. It offers students a place in the library where they can collaborate on projects in groups without disturbing others. The room is outfitted with furniture that can accommodate a single person, pairs, or a large group. Free-floating sliding white boards allow students to brainstorm in the room.

The room includes:

  • Four "media:scape" tables for group work and collaboration. Each table has two built-in monitors that users can connect their laptop to. Each table also has several built-in electrical outlets.
  • Wireless connectivity
  • A 46” monitor to which users can connect their laptops

E-mail Media Services in Lamont Library with questions about the room.

Cabot Science Library

The library has DVD players available on all of the research workstations. Headphones and calculators are available from the Circulation Desk.

Harvard-Yenching Library

The library has one VHS and two DVD players that can support the international DVD regions. Headphones are available from the Circulation Desk.

Lamont Library

Audio and Video Playback: On Level A next to the Lamont’s media collection, there are 8 audio and video playback stations available. The 5 video playback stations have 3 DVD (all region) and VHS players, a LaserDisc player, a Blu-ray disc player, and a station equipped to play PAL, SECAM, MESECAM and other foreign videocassette formats. The 3 audio playback stations include a turntable for LP records, an audiocassette player, and a CD player capable of playing SACDs. Headphones are required and may be borrowed from the Circulation Desk.

See Multimedia Lab in Lamont, B-30 Collaborative Learning Space, and the Larsen Room for detailed information on each space.

Loeb Music Library

Audio and Video Playback: The library has 5.1 DTS Surround playback equipment compatible with all current formats (CD, DVD, DVD Audio, VHS, PAL, Laserdisc, phonograph, MP3, cassette, DAT, reel-to-reel tape player, etc.).

A digital piano is available in the scores stacks.

MIDI keyboard, compatible with Finale and Sibelius score-writing software, is available on research workstations.

Tozzer Library

The library has two VHS and one DVD player that can all support up to two sets of headphones. Headphones are available from the Circulation Desk.

Widener Library

The Phillips Reading Room supports VHS and DVD video formats, including PAL and SECAM on VHS and international DVD regions, including VideoCD format. Viewing of non-circulating materials has priority, but reservations are not required.

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Public Computer Workstations with Printing

There are about 400 public computer workstations that accommodate Internet access and fee-based printing in all HCL libraries. These machines do not require login and can access all of Harvard University Library's electronic resources. They also have the Microsoft Office suite, Web browsers, and full audio support, as well as the plug-ins required by Harvard e-resources. Headphones are required for using audio. Check with library staff for headphone availability. Workstations also have the capacity to burn a CD or play a DVD.

Patrons can temporarily save files they're working on to the computer's hard drive. (See Saving Files on Workstations.)

Patrons can print from all public computer workstations, as well as from loaner laptops in Cabot and Lamont libraries. Printing fees can be paid with Crimson Cash.

Color Printing

In Lamont, the printer is on Level B and the printer queue is available on the public computers in Lamont Café, Level A, and Level B. In Widener, the printer is in Atkins Reference Room and the printer queue is available on the public computers in Atkins Reference Room.

The pricing for color and black and white printing is the same at Cabot, Lamont, and Widener.

Black and white $0.05
Black and white, double sided $0.06
Color $0.15
Color, double sided $0.16

Printing from Personal Laptops

Library patrons can print from their personal laptops to printers located in the following libraries:  Cabot, Fine Arts (both Littauer and Sackler locations), Harvard-Yenching, Lamont, Loeb Music, Tozzer, and Widener. In order to print you will need to download a piece of software called a ‘device driver.’ This allows your computer to communicate with the specific printer(s) in the building.

Printers in these libraries use a service called PaperCut.

  • The printers that are a part of this program are located on the first floor in the following libraries: Cabot, Fine Arts Littauer, Fine Arts Sackler, Harvard-yenching, Loeb Music, and Tozzer.
  • In Lamont printers are located on the first floor outside the Cafe and on Level B.
  • In Widener printers are located on the first floor in the Periodicals Reading Room and Newspaper Microfilm Reading Room; on the second floor in the Atkins Reference Room; and in the Phillips Reading Room.

The cost for printing is 5¢ per page.

For downloading instructions, additional information, and troubleshooting instructions, please see:

CD-ROM Research Workstations

In addition to the features of the standard public computer workstations, CD-ROM Research Workstations offer additional special applications (these vary by library) and access to each library's CD-ROM collection. Headphones, available from the Circulation Desk, are required. There are research workstations in Cabot, Fine Arts, Fung, Harvard Map Collection, Harvard-Yenching, Lamont, Loeb Music, Tozzer, and Widener.

Saving Files on Workstations

Patrons can temporarily save files on the public workstations and then either burn them to a read/write CD provided by the patron, transfer them to another location via FTP (File Transfer Protocol), or save them to a flash drive. A flash drive is a small, removable data storage device that can be connected to a computer, usually via a USB port. These compact and easy-to-use devices are extremely portable and can be bought with various memory sizes.

Personal Laptop Use

Use of laptop computers is permitted in the libraries. Harvard and FAS affiliates who have an ID and Login can access the Internet using their own laptop once they register with HUIT.

Loaner Laptops

Loaner Laptops are available to all library patrons with borrowing privileges for up to a three-hour loan. Dell Laptops, Macbook Pros and Netbooks are available at Cabot and Lamont libraries. Netbooks are also available at Widener. Headphones, laptop power chords and USB drives are offered for loan at these locations as well.

Terms of Use
Loan Period: Equipment is loaned for up to three hours on a first come first served basis, and cannot be renewed or reserved. Computers must be returned within 30 minutes of the library closing regardless of check-out time.

Fines/Fees: Theft or damage to computers and/or peripherals will result in fines and or replacement costs. An overdue fee of $0.01 per minute applies to loaner laptops. After 24 hours, the borrower is billed a replacement fee based on current Harvard-vendor agreements that govern computer costs, plus a 10% administration fee.

Network Access

Wired network access is available in Cabot, Fung, Harvard-Yenching, Lamont, Loeb Music (graduate student carrels only), and Widener libraries.

Wireless network access is available in all HCL libraries and units, but not necessarily in all spaces in a given library. Each library has one or more wireless access points, but users must be working within a certain radius because building infrastructure also affects wireless connectivity. The following list indicates specifically where wireless is available:

  • Cabot, Fine Arts at Sackler, Fung, Harvard Map Collection, Loeb Music, and Tozzer – throughout the entire space
  • Houghton – Reading Room, 2nd floor meeting room
  • Lamont – Ginsberg Reading Room, Donatelli Reading Room, Morse Music & Media, Forum Room, Research Services, and Café
  • Widener, Harvard-Yenching, Fine Arts at Littauer – all spaces except the stacks

Always use the FAS Virtual Private Network (VPN) client when using a wireless network to ensure data encryption across the network. The FAS VPN client allows a computer outside of the Harvard network to receive a Harvard IP (Internet) address, so it is "virtually" connected to the Harvard FAS network.  This will permit you to access resources that are restricted to the Harvard network. VPN client software is available at the HUIT Software Download site.

Patrons are encouraged to consult HUIT for information on wireless connectivity.

Accessing Login Protected Electronic Resources

Licensed electronic library materials are accessible by authorized Harvard affiliates with the use of a Harvard ID and Login. Patrons do not have to Login when using public computer workstations located in the libraries. Patrons who attempt to access login protected electronic resources from personal laptops within the libraries or from a computer workstation or laptop outside the Harvard Library must enter their Harvard credentials.

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Harvard Map Collection Computing Resources

The Harvard Map Collection offers state-of-the-art computer mapping resources for Harvard students, faculty, and staff, which promote and facilitate geographic information systems (GIS), cartography, remote sensing, and geographic research and analysis. Resources also include hundreds of CD-ROMs of data in the Map Collection's Digital Collections. Personal Instruction is available for collection resources.

For additional information on campus GIS resources, see GIS@Harvard.

Computer Workstations

Those patrons with active projects may leave their files on the Map Collection shared drive, but we strongly urge users to back up their files on their own media after every session. Files left on the shared drive and untouched for three months will be deleted. The Harvard Map Collection is not responsible for backing up data or projects or for missing or deleted files, and we do not provide blank media such as USB flash drives or CD-ROMs.

Windows 7 Workstation (3)
Windows XP Workstation (1)
8 gig of RAM 16x DVD read/write/drive
Intel Core I-5, 3.2 GHz Processor USB II Port
23" Monitor Floppy Drive
  • Available on a first-come, first-served basis


The Harvard Map Collection provides a complete array of computer mapping software. In addition to word processing, Web browsing, and other common software programs, we offer the following software.

Application Software
Geographic Information Systems ArcGIS 10.2.2, Quantum GIS 2.0, FME 2013
Data Manipulation and Mapping Geolytics Suite – Full US Census data from 1960 to present
Desktop Publishing Adobe CS6 (Illustrator, Photoshop)
Remote Sensing ERDAS Imagine, ENVI 5.1


The Harvard Map Collection has an HP color laser printer for general use and a large format plotter for special projects. The following charges apply regardless of whether prints are in color or black-and-white:

Printer Cost
HP Color Laser CP4525dn $0.05
HP DesignJet Z3200ps photo 44 Plotter $2 per square foot for Harvard affiliates and $5 per square foot for non-Harvard persons. This plotter is operated by staff and is reserved solely for map collection materials.


For public use we have a KIC-2 overhead book scanner with an imaging area of 17" x 24". Images can be saved to a USB thumb drive, sent via FTP to an FAS account or emailed, but the scanner is not connected to any printers. Only small maps and books that fit on the imaging surface and that are in good condition may be scanned, and the materials must be properly supported. Please see the librarian for permission before scanning any collection materials. For oversized documents the Map Collection has a ColorTrac Gx+T42c color scanner with an imaging area of 42" in width and a half inch in thickness. This scanner is operated by staff only and is reserved solely for Map Collection materials.

Please see our Reproductions page for cost, scheduling, policies, etc.

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Photocopiers and walk-up scanning equipment are well distributed throughout the various HCL libraries. Inquire at the ciruculation desk for locations.

Photocopiers only accept Crimson Cash. If you have a Harvard University ID (including a Special Borrower’s Card), you already have a Crimson Cash account. Visiting scholars who do not have a Crimson Cash account will receive a Crimson Cash copy card when they register or check-in at the Library Privileges Office.

Each photocopy costs $0.10. The Fine Arts Library color photocopier costs $0.50 per copy. To add funds to your Crimson Cash account, go to You may also add value to your Crimson Cash account over the phone by calling 617-496-6600 with your credit card information.

Copyright laws apply to photocopied library materials.


Self-service scanners scan files to a USB flash drive or transfer files to another computer using FTP, but they do not have the capability to manipulate text or images and the majority are not set up to print.  Copyright laws require that users digitize library materials for research/educational purposes only.

There are self-service scanners located in each of the following libraries: Cabot, Fine Arts, Fung, Harvard-Yenching, Lamont, Loeb Music, and Tozzer. Inquire at the Circulation Desk about location. In Widener Library there are scanners in the Atkins Reference Room, Phillips Reading Room, Periodicals and Circulation Room 160. BookScan devices that copy, scan, and print are located in Widener Library Circulation and Periodicals Reading Room, Loeb Music Library, and Cabot Library. Scanning remains free of charge but printing costs 10¢ per page.

The Harvard Map Collection has a self-service scanner, as well as an oversized staff-operated scanner. More information about Map Collection scanner equipment and fees is available in the Harvard Map Collection Computing Resources scanners section.

Houghton Library also has an oversized, staff-operated scanner. Requests to scan Houghton materials are considered on a case-by-case basis depending upon condition, copyright, and donor restrictions. Some material may require curatorial approval for scanning.  The fee is $1 per scan with a standard turnaround time of 24 hours. A  patron may have up to 10 Houghton items scanned per visit. Please consult Reading Room staff for assistance.

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Microfilm Readers

Microfilm readerLibraries with microfilm in their collections have readers. Some only read, some read/print copies of film, some read/scan/print and create image files that can be burned to CD, saved to a USB flash drive, e-mailed to another computer, or exported via FTP. Patrons must provide their own CDs and USB flash drives. Cost of print copies ranges from $0.10–$0.15 each. Some machines take Crimson Cash and others just cash.

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Bulletin Board

Located in Cabot Science Library and Lamont Library for use by the Harvard University community. All postings must be dated. The libraries reserve the right to remove notices deemed unsuitable.

Exhibit Cases

Located in Cabot Science Library and Lamont Library for use by Harvard University community. Exhibition proposals should be submitted to Reed Lowrie via e-mail for cases in Cabot, and Lynn Sayers via e-mail for cases in Lamont.


Lockers for storage of books and personal belongings are available in Houghton Library and Harvard Theatre Collection where their use is mandatory, and in Cabot Science Library where they can be reserved for an academic year or for summer school session. Contact Cabot Circulation by phone at 617-495-5355.

Slide Projectors

Projectors for use in classrooms or outside of the libraries are available from the University's Instructional Media Services.

The slide viewer in Tozzer Library is used to view slides on a small monitor. It does not project images.

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