HCL Patron Agreement

The Harvard libraries serve the University’s students, faculty, staff, and other authorized members of the scholarly community.  In order to provide an environment conducive to research, to preserve the collections, and to ensure ongoing access to them, users are expected to respect the rules and regulations around use of library materials and property and to assist in the protection of library materials. The Harvard College libraries promote an attitude and atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation and consideration among librarians and staff, and expect the same from library users.

Every user of the Library has a responsibility to:

  • safeguard the integrity of library resources
  • respect the restrictions placed on access to and the use of those resources
  • report to library officers the theft, destruction, or misuse of library resources by others
  • respect the rights of others to the quiet use of the library
  • respect the authority of the librarians and staff whose job it is to protect library resources

The following are prohibited:

  • illegal copying
  • the systematic exploitation for profit of library resources or materials
  • unauthorized removal of materials or property from the library
  • destruction, defacement, or abuse of library materials or property
  • use of library privileges for reasons other than personal research
  • possession of alcohol or other controlled substances
  • possession of weapons of any kind including but not limited to firearms, knives, razor blades, mace, or pepper spray.
  • Animals are not permitted in the library with the exception of service animals.

Students, staff, faculty members, researchers, visitors, and other users who fail to comply with library rules and regulations are subject to revocation of library privileges, disciplinary action, and legal prosecution.  All library users are subject to the fines and penalties of the University as well as the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

This agreement is consistent with standards of conduct required of Harvard students as published in the Handbook for Students, Harvard College and The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Handbook.

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