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March 12, 2006

An Evening with Ruth Lingford

Living and working in London, Ruth Lingford has been making short animated films since studying fine art and art history at Middlesex (1987–1990) and animation at the MA level at the Royal College of Art (1990–1992). Her films have been broadcast by Channel 4, in the UK, and have won many awards all over the world. She has been teaching since 1998 in the MA animation program at the Royal College of Art and at the National Film and Television School. Her films are made using 2D digital techniques, often combining drawing and treated live footage. She is known for making “feelbad films” which use the seductive medium of animation to draw the audience in and take them to uncomfortable places. The Old Fools (2002, 6 min.) is a film of a poem by Philip Larkin, voiced by Bob Geldof. The film looks with a mixture of fear, disgust, and compassion at senile decay and the inevitability of death. An Eye for an Eye (2002, 5 min., 30 sec.), co-directed with the Shynola collective, is a music video for UNKLE. An epic and multi- layered fantasy, this has been acclaimed variously as an anti-war film, a psychoanalytic exploration of infantile oral aggression, and a cool pop promo. Pleasures of War (1998, 11 min.) is a retelling of the Biblical story of Judith and Holofernes, and explores female aggression and the links between war and sexual desire. It was devised in collaboration with the novelist Sara Maitland. This film features as one of the 150 Best Films Ever Made in Film: The Critic’s Choice, edited by Geoff Andrew. Death and the Mother (1997, 11 min.) is based on a Hans Christian Andersen story, and invites the audience to contemplate the things that are worse than death. What She Wants (1994, 4 min.) is a film about sex and shopping, the social deployment of sexuality, and capitalism in detumescence. While at Harvard, she will be developing two new projects: one which looks at the theological significance of Christ’s penis, and another which animates the erotic drawings of Sergei Eisenstein.

March 12 (Sunday) 7 pm
The Films of Ruth Lingford

What She Wants

Directed by Ruth Lingford
UK, 1994, Color, 4 min.



Death and the Mother

Directed by Ruth Lingford
UK, 1997, 11 min.






Pleasures of War

Directed by Ruth Lingford
UK, 1998, Color, 11 min.

An Eye for an Eye

Directed by Ruth Lingford and Shynola
UK, 2002, Color, 5 min.

The Old Fools

Directed by Ruth Lingford
UK, 2002, Color, 6 min.


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