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October 13 - October 14

Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois

While North American cinémathèques scan the globe in search of new, exciting national cinemas to celebrate, many have overlooked the astonishing work that has been produced in the Canadian province of Quebec. Les Rendez-vous du cinéma québécois will make its inaugural visit to the United States at the Harvard Film Archive this fall, featuring some of Quebec’s most talented actors and movie directors. The tour will include screenings of premiere features, workshops, and discussions with filmmakers, writers and actors. For more details about these screenings and other activities featured in Les Rendez-Vous du Cinéma Québécois, visit

October 13 (Friday) 2 pm

Quebec Cinema Today

Location: Room B04 - Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts (adjacent to the CCVA Lecture Hall)

Filmmaker Denis Chouinard (Délivrez-moi, Clandestins, L'Ange de Gourdon) presents an overview of contemporary Quebecois film including a discussion of the unique process of film production, distribution and exhibition in Quebec.

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October 13 (Friday) 7 pm

Animated Films from Quebec

The Curse of the Voodoo Child

Directed by Steven Woloshen
Canada 2005, 35mm, color, 3 min.

Sex, birth, fire and fingerprints…this rock n’ roll passion play considers the events of
conception and results in mayhem.



Dehors novembre

Directed by Patrick Bouchard
Canada 2005, 35mm, color, 7 min.

Drawing its inspiration from a song by Les Colocs, this animated film deals with the death of the band's harmonica player and offers a gripping and relentless account of the banality and cruelty of death.



Tower Bawher

Directed by Theodore Ushev
Canada 2005, video, color, 4 min.

The title refers to the famous tower designed by Russian
constructivist architect Vladimir Tatlin, erected to celebrate the glory of the proletariat. While paying homage to the genius of constructivist artists, this film presents a mordantly ironic perspective on the marriage of art and ideology.



Directed by Christopher Hinton
Canada 2004, video, color, 7 min.

cNote is an exuberant creative synthesis of picture and sound, animation and music. Filmmaker Chris Hinton stretches his formidable animation skills in this masterful opus, where the dynamic movement of his visual art dances in syncopation with the bold musical strokes of an original modern classical composition. This music was created by Montreal-based composer Michael Oesterle.

One, Two, Three, Dusk (Un, deux, trois, crepuscule)

Directed by Félix Dufour-Laperrière
Canada 2006, video, color, 16 min.

Dawn, a young woman and the end of the day comprise this three-part unstable biography.


Directed by Christopher Hinton
Canada 2004, video, color, 4 min.

Based on the true story of a father who takes his sons on a fishing trip in the untamed forests of Montreal, this hilarious animated short by Academy Award nominated director Chris Hinton is a paean to the joys of family travel and the multiple wonders of fast food.

Thanx Norman

Directed by Wassili Dudan
Canada 2003, video, b/w, 3 min.

Wassili Dudan pays tribute to pioneering Canadian animator Norman McLaren.

Accordion (Accordéon)

Directed by Michèle Cournoyer
Canada 2004, video, b/w, 6 min.

The mind-bending, ever-changing images in animator Michèle Cournoyer's latest work lay bare her innermost feelings. A powerful and at times disquieting piece steeped in black humour, Accordion draws its energy from the clash of our different urges and conveys sexual attraction and the search for love.

Welcome to Kentucky

Directed by Craig Welch
Canada 2004, video, b/w, 12 min.

A woman's voice leaves messages on her lover's answering machine. "Where are you?" she asks. On the screen, a small fish is snapped up by a big one. A bigger fish snaps up the sun. This visual poem, hand-rendered in black-and-white drawings, invites viewers to lose themselves in its singular beauty.

Imprints (Empreintes)

Directed by Jacques Drouin
Canada 2004, video, color, 6 min.

At the start of the film, Jacques Drouin sits down in front of the pinscreen like a musician at his keyboard, preparing to leave his mark on the work. When the animation begins, the pins and the music answer each other, vibrating in unison like the rhymes of a poem. The repeated harmonies of a rondo for harpsichord by François Couperin give the film its rhythm and shape.


Directed by Jean Detheux
Canada 2005, video, color, 3 min.

This short abstract film, full of dark undertones, comes like a fleeting dream, where forms appear and disappear like ghosts in the midst of nocturnal chaos. It was created with an inventive use of digital technology and grew out of an unusual process of interchange between the painter Jean Detheux and the composer Jean Derome.

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October 13 (Friday) 9 pm


Directed by Frédérick Pelletier
Canada 2005, 35mm, color, 18 min.

Carl’s life can be easily summed up: he gets punched a lot but otherwise tries to lead a “normal” life. One night, after a fight, he misses the boat that usually ferries him home. He decides, then and there, to cross the river at any cost….


Directed by Denis Chouinard, Appearing in Person
Canada 2006, 35mm, color, 100 min.
With Céline Bonnier, Geneviève Bujold, Juliette Gosselin
French with English subtitles

After killing her abusive boyfriend in an act of self-defense, Annie (Bonnier) is sentenced to ten years in prison.  Upon her release, she struggles to reconnect with her daughter (Gosselin) who believes her mother murdered her lover in cold blood. When Annie returns to the remote island where the murder occurred, she must also confront the judgment of her boyfriend’s mother (Bujold) who will not forgive her for his death. Délivrez-moi features strong performances from all three female leads, in particular Gosselin (also featured in Familia) who has emerged as one of the most talented young actresses on screen.

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October 14 (Saturday) 9:30 pm

Les Eeaux mortes

Directed by Guy Édoin
Canada 2006, 35mm, color, 17 min.

A recently deceased woman returns from the dead to haunt her husband and entices him to join her.


Directed by Louise Archambault, Appearing in Person
Canada 2005, 35mm, color, 102 min.
With Sylvie Moreau, Macha Grenon, Juliette Gosselin
French with English subtitles

Michèle’s gambling addiction has sunk her so far into debt that she
has to seek refuge, along with her fifteen year old daughter, at the house of her childhood friend, Janine. Though kind-hearted and generous, Janine begins to worry about the influence her friend’s teen-age daughter is having on her own daughter, Gabrielle, a shy and withdrawn child. The two families will spend a critical summer together, during which time they will be driven to reexamine past assumptions. Can we avoid recreating in our daughters those traits we hated most in our mothers? Archambault offers a thoughtful and unsentimental reflection on the challenges of family life.

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