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November 1 (Thursday) 8 pm
Note: Director Abbas Kiarostami will NOT be at the screening

ABC Africa

Directed by Abbas Kiarostami
Iran 2001, 35mm, color, 84 min.
Farsi with English subtitles

At the request of the United Nations, the celebrated Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami traveled to Uganda to examine the plight of children left orphaned by the AIDS epidemic. Several of Kiarostami’s previous works had focused on the lives of children, and this particular assignment seemed well suited to the concerns of one of the cinema’s great humanists and most resourceful documentarians. Taking a small digital video camera to Uganda on a preproduction visit, Kiarostami began recording his encounters; the preliminary images he captured there eventually became the material for the film itself. The resulting work presents, in nearly equal doses, the unfettered beauty of the land where civilization began and the horror of the modern plague that threatens to wipe out its people. Kiarostami is ultimately awestruck by the mysterious affirmation of life that exists amid even such ostensibly desperate circumstances

We extend special thanks to New Yorker Films for this preview screening of ABC Africa. Please note that Mr. Kiarostami’s personal appearance may be affected by travel contingencies. 

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Errol Morris will not be able to attend tonight's screening.
However, he has prepared a short video introducing his film.
Special Event—all seats $10
December 1 (Saturday) 8 pm

Episodes from "First Person"

Directed by Errol Morris
US 2001, video, b/w and color, 90 min.

Now in its second season on the Independent Film Channel, Errol Morris’s “First Person,” a highly original nonfiction series, presents in-depth portraits of individuals who exist somewhere on the social spectrum between the famous and the infamous. Working with the Megatron—a further refinement of the Interrotron camera apparatus he invented in order to lock eyes with his interview subjects in such films as Mr. Death and Fast, Cheap & Out of Control—Morris has embarked on a new chapter of his career. The endeavor has already received critical recognition, including landing last year on Time Magazine’s list of top-ten television programs. This evening we are promised a preview of programs to come, including a close encounter with mob lawyer Murray Richman (The Only Truth) and a two-part visit with Rick Rosner, a high-school recidivist who has serially re-enrolled in his senior year (One in a Million Trillion). 

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