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2001 Arts First 2001

Now in its ninth year, Harvard’s annual Arts First festival celebrates students and faculty in the university-wide arts community. The Harvard Film Archive is again pleased to present works by Harvard alumni who are actively engaged in the art of film. This year we add a special selection of animated shorts intended to engage the festival’s younger visitors.

May 5 (Saturday) 4 pm

Children's Animation Program

Harvard Film Archive is pleased to present a series of award-winning animated shorts for the Arts First community. From Walt Disney’s early Steamboat Willie (1928) to last year’s puppet-and-clay animated film Snails, this program promises to delight both younger and older audiences with a lively survey of the animated film, organized by Harvard faculty member and Oscar-nominated animator Wendy Tilby.

The Cat Came Back 
Cordell Barker, Canada 1988

Jonas Odell and Stig Bergqvist, Sweden 1997

The Hedgehog in the Mist 
Yuri Norstein, USSR 1975

The Magic of Anansi 
Jamie Roy Mason, Canada 2001

Steamboat Willie 
Disney, US 1928

The Street 
Caroline Leaf, Canada 1976

My Favourite Things That I Love 
Janet Perlman, US 1994

Derek Lamb, US 1969

Piotr Sapegin, Norway 1999

At the Ends of the Earth 
Konstantin Bronzit, France 1999

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May 6 (Sunday) 4 pm

Tax Day

Director Laura Colella in Person
US 1998, 16mm, color, 76 min.
With Kathleen Monteleone, Donna 
Sorbello, Rose Giuliano

It’s April 15th. Paula and Irene, like most Americans, are off to the post office to mail their taxes to the U. S. government. Unlike most Americans, however, they are easily diverted from their task by the the vicissitudes of life and end up spending the afternoon on a canoe ride through the canals of downtown Providence. As they attempt to make their way back to the post offce, they encounter a colorful array of odd characters and street performers. This languid, well-paced film is really a “road movie” on foot. Harvard graduate Laura Colella’s first feature isn’t about action—nothing much happens to Paula and Irene during the film—but we do discover a great deal about the unconventional lives and opinions of two forty-something women and the city they inhabit.

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May 6 (Sunday) 7 pm

Southern Comfort

Director Kate Davis in Person
US 2001, digital video, color, 90 min.
With Robert Eads, Lola Cola

Harvard alum Kate Davis finds a truly fascinating subject in Robert Eads, a transsexual, self-proclaimed hillbilly living in a trailer in the back hills of Georgia. Dying of ovarian cancer after being rejected by two dozen doctors who fear the harm a transsexual patient might bring to business, Robert begins a relationship with fellow transsexual Lola Cola and struggles to make it to another “Southern Comfort,” one of the nation’s largest annual gatherings of transgendered people. Treating its subject in a refreshingly matter-of-fact way and avoiding sensationalism, Southern Comfort stands out as one of the best films to broach the often uncomfortable subject of transsexuality.

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