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VES Faculty Screening: Grahame Weinbren

This evening’s event is part of an ongoing series of presentations by visiting and resident film and video faculty members of the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies at Harvard.

March 3 (Friday) 7 pm

An Evening with Grahame Weinbren

A visiting artist this spring at Harvard, Grahame Weinbren is a noted film, video, and multimedia artist. His interactive cinema installations have been exhibited in museums, galleries, and festivals worldwide, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris. Weinbren also has published and lectured internationally on cinema, interactivity, and new technology and has edited the Millennium Film Journal since 1986. This evening’s program features an array of film and video works selected from the entirety of his career. As Weinbren describes them: "The films deal with issues of language and meaning, music, time, work, money. Meanwhile, the general question is how to find multilinear structures in a linear medium. Or, if you can’t find any, invent some. The interactive works are investigations into the expressive possibilities that emerge when the viewer has some control over what appears on the screen."

Films by Roberta Friedman and Grahame Weinbren, 1976–83

Bertha’s Children (6 min.)

Future Perfect (11 min.)

Murray and Max Talk About Money (13 min.)

Terms of Analysis (13 min.)

Video Documentation of Interactive Cinema Works (15 min.)

The Erl King 1983–86 (made with Roberta Friedman)

Sonata 1991–93

March 1995–97

Frames 1999

Digital Video Work

V 1998 (1 min.)

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