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VES Film & Video Faculty

Throughout this coming academic year, the Harvard Film Archive will be hosting an on-going series of presentations of the work of both the visiting and resident film/video faculty members in the Department of Visual and Environmental Studies (VES) at Harvard.

An Evening with Françoise Romand
(screening of "Mix-Up" and "Les Miettes du Purgatoire")

Françoise Romand is a director of documentary and fiction films dealing mainly with identity. Her first two documentaries were shown at the Museum of Modern Art’s New Directors /New Films series in 1986 and 1987, and her first feature film, Past Imperfect, a thriller premiered at the Venice Film Festival in1994. Her most recent feature is a comedy entitled Vice Vertu and Vice Versa (1997)

"Miss Romand makes documentaries that look like those of nobody else. Though she sticks to facts, they’re often facts that few writers of supposedly serious fiction would dare to touch except under pseudonym...It’s enough, as in fiction, that the filmmaker is able to persuade us to share her curiousity, surprise or point of view..."  – Vincent Canby, The New York Times

October 5 (Tuesday) 7 pm

Mix-Up (Meli-Melo)

Directed by Françoise Romand
France 1985, color, 16mm, 63 min.
French with English subtitles

In England in 1936, two female babies are exchanged by mistake. The truth erupts 18 years later thanks to the tenacity of one of the mothers. "A deliciously oddball movie...MIX-UP has some of the style of Peter Greenaway’s The Falls and The Draughtsman’s’s the work of a filmmaker of original vision." (Vincent Canby/New York Times) "My favorite film in my choice of the Ten Best Movies of 1988." (Jonathan Rosenbaum/Chicago Reader) 

October 5 (Tuesday) 7 pm

Les Miettes du Purgatoire (Morsels of Purgatory)

Directed by Françoise Romand
France 1992, color, 16mm, 14 min.
French with English subtitles

A combination documentary/fiction produced for the French television series, "Strip-Tease"

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ves-larcher.jpg (12504 bytes)An Evening with David Larcher

British artist David Larcher has worked with photography and film since the 1960s, directing the noted experimental feature Mare’s Tail in 1969. Since the early 80s, he has turned mainly to working in video. Recipient of numerous awards throughout Europe, David Larcher’s films and tapes have rarely been seen in the United States. He will present two pieces from the on-going video series, entitled videØvoid.

October 19 (Tuesday) 8:30 pm


1993, 32 min.




1994-96, 36 min.

"...videØvoid: Text convinces through its intelligent use of electronic ‘material’ as point of departure for a composition that surefootedly moves on the other side of simple exploitation of effects. It is precisely the formal severity that contribute to the powerful effect...From the noise of interference—effects everybody knows in themselves—spaces and landscapes of dark innovative beauty arise...It represents a discourse wholly outside current TV standards." (Jury statement for the ‘97 International Award for Video Art)

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