Papers of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

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Third Assessment Report (TAR, or "AR3"):
Working Group II (1996-2001)

IPCC Working Group II (WGII) assesses the vulnerability of socio-economic and natural systems to climate change, potential negative and positive consequences, and options for adapting to it. The Third Assessment Report (TAR) cycle spanned 1996-2001, with the U.S.-hosted Working Group II (WGII) Technical Support Unit responsible for four major reports. The first three are not included in this archive but may be found at the following links: (i) the Special Report on the Regional Impacts of Climate Change: An Assessment of Vulnerability (SRRICC, in 1998), (ii) the Special Report on Aviation and the Global Atmosphere (SRAGA, in 1999), and (iii) the Special Report on Land Use, Land-Use Change, and Forestry (SRLULUCF, in 2000). The largest report , (iv) the WGII contribution to the TAR (published in 2001), forms the basis of this collection.

This collection contains the following items for the WGII contribution to the Third Assessment Report:

Additional WGII TAR records — digital and hardcopy — are part of the IPCC Collection maintained at the Environmental Science and Public Policy archive, Harvard College Library, as are process and production files for the three WGII-led Special Reports listed.

During the TAR cycle, the Working Group II TSU also served as editorial lead for: (i) a Technical Paper on Technologies, Policies, and Measures for Mitigating Climate Change (1996); (ii) the fourth volume of the Third Assessment Report, Synthesis Report (2001); and (iii) a Technical Paper on Climate Change and Biodiversity (2002).

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