Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System

Page 19 from Schedule A, Vol. 4, Case 31 (interviewer H.B., type A3). Subject: Male, 35, Great Russian, author and journalist. Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System. Widener Library.


An unparalleled electronic scholarly resource for the study of the lives of ordinary Soviet citizens in the decades preceding the Second World War, the Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System Online (HPSSS) is a uniquely accessible English-language primary source, with vast amounts of one-of-a-kind data on political, economic, social and cultural conditions of the country. Made up of the working notes from over 750 separate interviews with Soviets who found themselves outside of their country at the end of the war, the HPSSS Online includes page images of the original documents, as well as transcriptions that can be searched quickly and easily using keywords to find material on topics of interest. Professors at Harvard and other institutions have used the HPSSS Online in their courses on Soviet history and Stalinism, and it is used by researchers worldwide for projects on a broad array of subjects.

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