The Rev. Claude L. Pickens, Jr. Collection on Muslims in China

Do Not Divide Moslems and Chinese. "Along the Old Silk Road to Europe. East Gate, Hao Tien" from The Rev. Claude L. Pickens, Jr., Trip to Northwest China, photograph album, p. [29]. 1936. Harvard-Yenching Library. (CP02.29.03)


An American Episcopal priest who worked for many years as a missionary to Muslims in western China and the Philippines, the Rev. Claude L. Pickens, Jr. (1900-1985) amassed a collection that captured a record of buildings, inscriptions, and Muslim culture lost to wars and the Cultural Revolution.  Consisting of more than 1,000 photographs, books, broadsides, posters, and other items, the collection is accompanied by a series of notebooks in which Pickens compiled an unpublished biographical dictionary of Muslims in China.  A complete listing of the items in the collections can be found in a finding aid available through the OASIS catalog.

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