Digital Papyri at Houghton Library

Isocrates. Panegyricus, [ca. 100-130]. MS Gr SM6162e. Houghton Library.


Dating from the 3rd-century BC to the 6th-century AD, Houghton Library’s collection of 84 papyri includes both literary and documentary texts which comprise a unique primary source for the study of the political, administrative and social history of the Ptolemaic and Roman Egypt. Many of the literary manuscripts come from Oxyrhynchus, but the collection also includes material from Hibeh and the Fayûm, as well as papyri of Homer, Plato, Thucydides, Demosthenes, Menander and the Gospels. Documentary texts include contracts, petitions, lists, tax receipts and letters. The digitization of Houghton's manuscripts was directed by Francesca Schironi, assistant professor in the Department of the Classics, in collaboration with Houghton Library staff.

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