Hedda Morrison Photographs of China

Fishing junk under sail on the Shandong coast. 1937. Hedda Morrison, photographer. Harvard-Yenching Library. HM27.2480.


Photographs capturing lifestyles, street scenes, customs, religious observances and handicrafts which have all but disappeared in China are captured in the Hedda Morrison Photograph Collection.  The photographs and negatives are the work of Hedda Hammer Morrison (1908-1991) who in 1933 left her native Germany for a position as manager of Hartung’s Photo Shop in the Legation Quarters of Peking, now Beijing. Following the end of her contract, she worked as a freelance photographer in Peking, where she met and married Alastair Morrison. She gathered the collection of approximately 5,000 images and photographic negatives into 28 thematic albums, which are now accessible worldwide.

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