Ming-Qing Women's Writings

Li chao ming yuan shi ci : shi er juan. China] : Hong shu lou, Qing Qianlong gui si [38 nian, 1773].


A valuable resource for scholars studying women's roles in China from the 14th- through the 20th-centuries, the Ming-Qing writings in this collection offer rich insight into women's roles in Chinese literature, history and culture, an area which has emerged in recent years as one of the most active and innovative fields in Chinese Studies. The collection is also notable as one of the few collections of such materials to be widely accessible. In China, women's writing has often suffered from marginalization, neglect, and loss, meaning the examples that remain are largely held in hard-to-access rare book collections. Completed in collaboration with McGill University, the digitization of these 91 titles from the Harvard-Yenching Library will ensure these texts are accessible to scholars world-wide.

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