Artemas Ward House and Its Collections

General Artemas Ward House, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. ca. 1898. General Artemas Ward House Museum. HU4092.9.


The General Artemas Ward House in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts was the home of General Artemas Ward, first commander-in-chief of the patriot forces, and was occupied by his descendants until 1909. It was opened to the public by one of Ward's descendants, also Artemas Ward, from 1909 to 1925 when it was given to Harvard University. Harvard currently operates the house as a historic house museum. The Artemas Ward House and Its Collections Virtual Collection provides online access to over 6,000 images of the house, furnishings, manuscripts, photographs and related published sources, providing the opportunity to study an important figure of the American Revolution, a nineteenth-century farm family, and a twentieth-century museum.

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