Collection Development Librarians

This is an alphabetical list by name of collection development librarians that includes their language, subject/format, and geographic region specialties. Click on the name to send an email to that librarian.

Selector Destination Library Language Subject/Format Geographic Region
Adams, Sarah Loeb Music All Music World
Aleksic, Olha Ukrainian Res. Ins. Library All Ukrainian Studies Ukraine
Belich, Dan Mayr All Zoology (reference) World
Berlin, Charles Widener All Jewish and Israeli studies Israel, Jewish Diaspora
Bourque, Allen Cabot English Pure Mathematics, Theoretical Statistics, Physics World
Boutaqmanti, Ali Widener Arabic, Berber, French, English Middle Eastern Studies, Berber Studies Arab countries, Diaspora
Burns, Bonnie Map Collection All Maps, Atlases, Geography World
Chaban, Lev Widener Bulgarian, Macedonian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Ukrainian Slavic Studies Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia
Chapin, Marcia Chemistry All Chemistry and related topics World
Cheng, James Harvard-Yenching Primarily English; also French, German, Dutch, Russian Humanities, Social Sciences Western language publications from China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam
Clark, George Social Sciences Program All Environment World
Deng, Nanni Fine Arts Asian languages Art & Architecture China, Japan, Korea
Dennis, Robert Loeb Music All Music (sound and video recordings) World
Epstein, Joanna Widener Polish Slavic Studies Poland
Erdmann, Christopher Wolbach English Astronomy and related topics World
Evans Brady, Jessica Fine Arts All Modern & Contemporary Art World
Gilboa, Violet Widener Hebrew Jewish and Israeli Studies Israel, Jewish Diaspora
Graves, William Wolbach English Astronomy and related topics World
Grossman, Michael Widener Armenian, Georgian, South Asian languages in Arabic script (Urdu, Pushto, Panjabi, Sindhi, etc.) Armenian, Georgian (South Caucasian) and South Asian Studies Armenia, Georgia (South Caucasus), Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Diaspora
Guest, Haden Harvard Film Archive All Film World
Hearst, Nancy Fung Library (Fairbank Ctr Collection) English, Chinese Contemporary China, Social Sciences China
Hopper, Michael Widener All Middle Eastern Studies Middle East, Diaspora
Hussein, Nada Widener Arabic, English Middle Eastern Studies Arab countries, Diaspora
Irele, Bassey Widener All Humanities, Social Sciences Sub-Saharan Africa
Kang, Mikyung Harvard-Yenching Korean Humanities, Social Sciences Korea
Kulash, Kristin Widener Russian Serials for Former Soviet Republics Russia, Former Soviet Union, Diaspora
Leach, Michael Cabot, Physics Research All Geological Sciences, Physics World
Lesage, Richard Widener All, except languages using Perso-Arabic script South and South-East Asian Studies South Asia, South-East Asia, and the Indian Ocean
Leyenson, David Widener Romanian, Hungarian, Albanian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish Humanities, Social Sciences Western Europe: Albania, Scandinavia, Hungary, Romania
Lesage, Rhea Widener Modern Greek Humanities, Social Sciences World
Lupkin, Joshua Widener English, Spanish, French American History, Government, American Studies North America: United States, Canada
Ma, Xiao-He Harvard-Yenching Chinese Humanities, Social Sciences China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Malmon, Sandi-Jo Loeb Music All Music World
Mayo, Hope Houghton All Printing and Graphic Arts World
McVey, Kuniko Harvard-Yenching Japanese Humanities, Social Sciences Japan
Miller, Jindra Cabot English Computer Science World
Morris, Leslie Houghton All Modern Books and Manuscripts World
Phan, Chan Thi Ngoc Harvard-Yenching Vietnamese Humanities, Social Sciences Vietnam
Pyro, Hana Widener Czech, Slovak, Bosnian, Croatian, Slovenian, Serbian Slavic Studies Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Croatia
Radnofsky, Violet Widener All Jewish and Israeli Studies Israel, Jewish Diaspora
Rakityanskya, Anna Widener Russian, Belarusian Slavic Studies Russia, Former Soviet Union, Diaspora
Riedlmayer, Andras Fine Arts All Islamic Art and Architecture World
Rinaldo, Connie Mayr All Zoology, Evolution, Ecology World
Robinson, Ann Cabot English General Science, History of Science, Astronomy, Physics World
Sakaguchi, Kazuko Fung Library (Doc. Ctr of Japan Collection) English, Japanese Postwar Japan, Social Sciences Japan
Schmelz, Lynne Cabot/HUL English Science (electronic resources) World
Schreiner, Martin Lamont All, English Music (all formats), Communication Arts World, English language areas
Shirey, Lynn Widener Spanish, Portuguese Humanities, Social Sciences Latin America, Spain, Portugal
Smith, Matthew Widener Persian, Kurdish Iranian and Kurdish Studies Iran, Kurdish-speaking areas of Middle East, Diaspora
Steins, Janet Tozzer All Anthropology, Archaeology World
Truslow, Hugh Fung Library (Davis Ctr Collection) English/Slavic Social Sciences, Economics, Politics Soviet Union (1917-), Eastern Europe (1945- )
Uziel, Lidia Widener English, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Romanian, Hungarian, Albanian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic, Finnish Humanities, Social Sciences, Government,
American Literature and Culture
North America: United States, Canada

Western Europe: Albania, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, France, Italy, Scandinavia, Hungary, Romania, United Kingdom, Ireland
Vernon, Elizabeth Widener Western languages Jewish and Israeli Studies Israel, Jewish Diaspora
Wade, Gretchen Botany Libraries All Botany World
Warnement, Judy Botany Libraries All Botany World
White, Shalimar Fine Arts All Art and Architecture World
Williams, Helene Widener Library English Humanities, Social Sciences, History Australia, New Zealand
Wooster, Martha McKay English Environment, Atmospheric Sciences World
Zmijewski, David Widener Turkish, Ottoman Turkish, Turkic languages, Finno-Ugrian languages, North Caucasian languages, Tajik, Russian Turkish and Turkic Studies, Central Asian Studies, Finno-Ugrian Studies, North Caucasian Studies, Siberian Studies Turkey, Central Asia, Azerbaijan, Turkic- and Finno-Ugrian-speaking areas of Russian Federation, Siberia, Diaspora

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