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Records for books and other printed material held by Harvard are in the HOLLIS catalog, an overview of which is given in Searching the HOLLIS (Harvard Library Information System) Catalog. No one source, however, completely describes Harvard's non-print holdings. For a comprehensive search, please consult the following catalogs:



HOLLIS (Harvard Online Library Information System)
HOLLIS is Harvard’s most comprehensive union catalog, with millions of records for online and traditional material in the Harvard University Library system. The HOLLIS catalog contains entries for books, journals (not articles), manuscripts, government documents, maps, microforms, music scores, sound recordings, visual materials, and data files. There are two ways to search the HOLLIS catalog: HOLLIS+ and HOLLIS Classic. HOLLIS+ offers the newest way to find library materials, with ranked, faceted results and easily-refined searches.
HOLLIS Classic is the original, that offers browse by subject, search with non-Latin characters, search by call number, and the powerful "expanded search".

HOLLIS Classic

VIAVIA (Visual Information Access)
A union catalog of visual resources at Harvard related to art, architecture, archeology, ethnography, and material culture. VIA includes information about slides, photographs, artwork, and artifacts in the University’s libraries, museums, and archives. Many records have links to digital images, and instructors can make use of the VIA export tool to download these images with descriptive information for use in course tools such as the iCommons/ICG image tool.

OASISOASIS (Online Archival Search Information System)
OASIS provides centralized access to a growing number of finding aids for archival and manuscript collections at Harvard. These finding aids are detailed descriptions of collections that contain a wide variety of materials, including letters, diaries, photographs, drawings, printed material, and objects. Some contain links to digital images, text, and audio files. For each collection described in OASIS, there is a summary description in HOLLIS.

HGLHGL (Harvard Geospatial Library)
HGL is a catalog and repository of geospatial data material held or licensed by Harvard. The system provides enhanced metadata and database functions designed specifically for geographic information. Using available datasets, HGL users can build maps online, or download selected datasets for use in other systems. If the requested data is not available in the HGL repository, users will be directed to the holding library.

IQSS Dataverse NetworkInstitute for Quantitative Social Science Dataverse Network
IQSS Dataverse provides access to Harvard's Murray Research Archive, as well as these other large data collections:  ICPSR, NARA (U.S. National Archives and Records Administration), Roper Center, and The DataWeb (U.S. Census Bureau).  Numeric Data Services and other smaller collections can also be searched.  Data can be downloaded if permissions allow and in some cases subset for analysis.

Other Harvard Catalogs

Harvard Cross-Catalog Search
The Harvard Cross-Catalog Search is a resource discovery tool capable of searching across all of the heterogeneous catalogs available at Harvard. The goal is to provide researchers with information on which Harvard catalogs have information on a subject including the number of items in each catalog on that subject. It is one of the sets of resources searchable via E-Research @ Harvard Libraries.

Villa I Tatti: Biblioteca Berenson
The Biblioteca Berenson includes the Morrill Music Library, the Berenson Fototeca, and the Berenson Archive. The Library's holdings, over 110,000 volumes, cover Italian history and culture from roughly 1200 to 1650. Other significant holdings include Classical studies, archaeology, Oriental and Islamic collections.

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