Dear Friends:

Since the 17th century, the Harvard College Library, now in association with Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS) Libraries, has acquired, preserved and shared immense knowledge. Its collections touch every discipline and scholar at - and beyond - the University where they are housed.

The Libraries are also home to the thousands of students and scholars who come through their doors each day. They come to hold, read and search its some 11 million artifacts, volumes and digital archives. But they also come to consult with expert staff, to be inspired, to settle in a comfortable chair, to enjoy a cup of coffee and stimulating conversation.

As the Harvard College Library and FAS Libraries of today look back on the year, we reflect on our roots - to our founding in 1638 in fulfillment of John Harvard’s dying wish to give his books to the college, and then on through centuries of building unparalleled collections and a reputation for excellence. Yet we also look eagerly forward. The Harvard College Library and FAS Libraries of tomorrow will unite in common purpose of joining in the academic enterprise to support scholarship of the highest order, bringing together our diverse and rich collections with the most advanced technologies in the service of exploring the world of knowledge and creating new knowledge to change the world, technological experimentation and our future.

We invite you to join us in our review of the achievements of the past year and to anticipate a continued bright future for the FAS Libraries and our users.

Sarah E. Thomas
Vice President for the Harvard Library and Roy E. Larsen Librarian of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences

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