Office of the Librarian

Carol Ishimoto Award for Distinguished Service

Purpose:  The Ishimoto Award was established in 1991 by Carol Ishimoto, former Associate Librarian of Harvard College for Cataloging and Processing, to recognize distinguished service or outstanding achievements. 

Eligibility: Staff or groups of staff who have made a significant impact within the Harvard College Library. Nominations are accepted for anyone within the community of Libraries at Harvard.

Ishimoto Award Criteria:  Ms. Ishimoto established this award to serve as an incentive to advance the mission of the College Library and to encourage professional staff to contribute in areas beyond the standard responsibilities of their positions.  The award has served to identify and encourage those professional staff members who have distinguished themselves through exceptional contributions and demonstrated leadership potential. 

Nomination procedures:

  • Call for nominations is made yearly each Fall. Nominations should be made for individuals or groups who have made a significant impact within the Harvard College Library during the previous academic year.
  • Senior Managers are asked to discuss potential nominations within their units in order to ensure that the widest possible number of employees who merit consideration for this award are identified.
  • Nominations are made in the form of a narrative statement outlining the qualifications of the nominee(s) and are due by a specified date in late October or early November.

Selection Procedures: The final selection is made by the Librarian of Harvard College in consultation with the Associate Librarians and is communicated to staff through an announcement on the HCL-List and a story on the HCL News page.


  • The award recipient(s) receives a cash award and a citation of achievement.

Past Winners:

Mary Beth Clack (1990-1991)
Dennis Marnon (1991-1992)
Ellen Cohen (1992-1993)
Violet Gilboa (1993-1994)
Gillian Bartoo, Ann-Marie Breaux,
and Mary Beth Kendrick (1994-1995)
Elizabeth Vernon (1995-1996)
William Hays (1996-1997)
Thomas Parris (1997-1998)
Ron Tesler (1998-1999)
Paul Bellenoit (1999-2000)
Lynda Kresge and Jane Ouderkirk (2000-2001)
Heather McMullen (2001-2002)
Diane Cox and Raymond Lum (2002-2003)
Martin Schreiner, David Ackerman (2003-2004)
Bonnie Burns (2004-2005)
James Lin (2005-2006)
HCL Macro Development Team: Daryl Boone, Beth Flood, Michael Hopper, Minna Popkin, Sarah Tudesco, Elizabeth Vernon (2006-2007)
Alison Scott (2007-2008)
Tom Bruno, Sebastian Hierl (2008-2009)
Kristin Stoklosa (2009-2010)
Jindra Miller, Sarah Tudesco (2010-2011)
Jaime McAllister-Grande, Anna Anctil (2012-2013)

For additional information please contact the Office of the Librarian at 495-2401.