Administrative Services
Widener Library
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138 USA


Building Operations, Room G-40
Communications, Holyoke Center Room 1065
Financial Services, Room G-20
Human Resources, 8 Story Street, Third Floor,
Suite 03-04
Information Technology Services, Room G-10

HCL Administrative Services

HCL administrative services, Building Operations, Communications, Financial Services, Human Resources, and Information Technology Services.

Building Operations manages all aspects of building maintenance, security, renovations, mail, shipping and receiving, and construction for the Harvard College Library buildings, with the goal of supporting the entire Harvard College Library community with the highest quality service, dedication, professionalism, teamwork, and respect.

Andrew Laplume, Associate Director of FAS Library Facilities

Communications manages all internal and external communications efforts of Harvard College Library and FAS Libraries to support their mission and promote collections, services and the expertise of the staff.

External communications efforts target constituencies outside HCL with the goal of raising awareness of library services, programs, achievements, needs, and staff. Work includes production and management of web sites, editorial oversight of printed collateral (brochures, invitations, fliers, logo items, etc.), building signage, renovation/construction communication, photography, media relations, directories, and special presentations and projects that reflect the "public face" of HCL and FAS Libraries.

Internal communications efforts target HCL and FAS Library staff with the goal of keeping all employees well-informed about the business of the Library, the individual units, and fellow staff members; and of facilitating the exchange of information among all units and the Library Leadership. Work includes support of the Library Leadership initiatives, production and management of the library Intranet, administration of listservs, renovation/construction communications, printing/stationery projects, photography, and a variety of miscellaneous projects.

Harvard Library Communications

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HCL Financial Services is the primary financial contact for HCL Libraries. HCL Financial Services manages budget and reporting functions, local-service payroll, operational procurement, special handling procurement, and special collections payments for HCL. Since the Harvard Library transition that officially began in August, 2012, many accounts payable functions are managed by the Harvard Library financial team; however HCL Financial Services has retained decision-making and fund management oversight. The HCL Financial Services team is available to answer questions and assist when navigating financial process of FAS and the Harvard University Financial System.

Alison Donnelly, Director of Financial Planning & Analysis

Ellen Greene, Controller for the Harvard Library

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Beginning in 2012, the HCL adopted an HR administrative model similar to other large departments within the FAS, wherein daily HR transactions are provided within the HCL, and overarching HR policies and procedures are managed by FAS HR. The mission of the FAS HR organization is to attract, engage and retain a diverse, talented staff committed to excellence and mutual respect, we strive to create a collaborative and inclusive work environment that contributes to the sustainability of the FAS community and supports the FAS Mission. Additionally, HR staff strive to anticipate issues and offer solutions that impact the success of HCL through analysis of data and trends and implementation of effective strategies and cost efficient action plans.

The HR vision is to provide professional counsel and direction to HCL employees and managers in the areas of employment practices, organizational effectiveness, employee development, employee and labor relations, compensation, performance management, and employee data management—resulting in an engaged, knowledgeable, adaptable, ethical, responsible, and diverse team of employees who are motivated to contribute to HCL's success.

Human Resources

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Beginning in 2011, HCL’s model to provide IT services shifted to mirror a larger transition within the FAS, which is now part of the Harvard University Information Technology (HUIT) organization. Through HUIT, IT staff provide innovative solutions and timely service to support the technology needs of the Harvard College Library. ITS develops systems and services to sustain the technical infrastructure required for HCL to accomplish its mission of supporting the teaching and research activities of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, the University, and the larger scholarly community.

Jeff Bernhard, Assistant Director for ITS Client Services and Support

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